Xanthosoma Albo Marginata ‘Mickey Mouse’ | 6″ Pot


The Xanthosoma Albo Marginata ‘Mickey Mouse’ is a mutation of Sagittifolium. This mouthfull of a name has even more names, for the sake of simplification let’s call it Mickey Mouse. Called this because of the distorted shape creating an outline of a Mickey mouse head. This beautiful plant is not an Alocasia, but grows and is cared for identically. Carrying on average 3-5 leaves at a time, this plant grows new leaves from its center. This plant can also work well as a landscaping plant in warmer areas.

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Like Alocasia, the Xanthosoma prefers well draining soil. This plant should never dry out. When using well draining media, you can water daily or every other day. This plant can not handle any full sun. Full sun will severely burn the foliage This plant grows larger than other alocasia and will need more fertilizer as the plant matures.


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