Alocasia Longiloba Denudata | 4″ Pot

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The Longiloba Denudata is an uncommon Alocasia. At times difficult to find, this plant is offered in limited quantity for now. The leaves of this plant are long arrow shaped with a deep sinus and very pointed lobes. These trait become more pronounced as the plant matures. The front of the leaves emerge with a seashell like oily pearlescence and can stay that way if not exposed to excessive light. The backside of the leaves are deep purple.  The petioles have a light rhubarb color story.

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the Alocasia Longiloba Denudata thrives in Medium to bright indirect light. Do NOT let the soil completely dry out between waterings. Underwatering can prevent new leaves from emerging properly. Also over watering causes edema (little holes in the leaves). That said this plant is easier to care for then some other Alocasias.

5 reviews for Alocasia Longiloba Denudata | 4" Pot

  1. Kim McQuillan (verified owner)

    Gorgeous plant. Fast shipping!!

  2. NRamos (verified owner)

    Beautiful and healthy plant. Fast shipping and no damage whatsoever. Is thriving in my home.

  3. Elizabeth E. (verified owner)

    Beautiful & healthy. Much larger than expected.

  4. amber cole (verified owner)

  5. Tim (verified owner)

    Huge and bigger than I expected

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