Chlorophytum Amaniense Variegata ‘Fire Flash’ | 6″ Pot


The Chlorophytum Amaniense ‘Fire Flash’ Variegata is a bright and flashy houseplant, with amazing variegation. The leaves have a faint pattern reminiscent of a cell structure much like a musaica calathea. This green fades into very bright orange down the petioles. Stripes and streaks of white interrupt every leaf. The base of the plant is fully orange and holds up to 16 leaves when grown in proper conditions. This very rare and difficult to find specimen is not a plant to wait for, available in limited quantity.

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No direct sunlight for this plant, that being said this plant loves as much bright indirect light as possible. Any direct sunlight will burn the white parts of the foliage. Lots of water will also keep this plant growing fast a large.


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