Bromeliad Neoregelia ‘Salome’ Vinzant Hawaiian Hybrid | 6″ Pot


Bromeliad Cultivar Register (15196)

NEOREGELIA ‘Salome’Vinzant, Lisa2007
Mature, open rosette to 40cm. diameter. In strong light, arching olive green leaves centrally-striped hot pink and spotted green. Tricolor Group. Reg. Doc. 12/2018.
Country of origin: Hawaii USA
Seed Parent: Unk. TPollen Parent: Gold Fever ?

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Neoregelias prefer Indirect light or moderate shade. To keep the color, place neos in more filtered sunlight. This Neo does not like direct sunlight and will burn. Water in the center cup and make sure it never dries out. The best water is collected rainwater then distilled then filtered, avoid tap. Best practice is to empty out cup once a week.


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