Philodendron Sodiroi | 4″ Pot


The Philodendron Sodiroi is a heart shaped climbing plant. Also known as the ‘Silver Leaf’ philo due to its silver splashes atop the bright green foliage. The patterns of silver are reminiscent of the silver scindapsus such as Silvery Ann or Exotica. There is a red hue to the new growth from the petiole to the base. The leaves are glossy and smooth. Depending on lighting and temps, this plant can grow very tall in time with a moss pole or a creative equivalent.

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The Philodendron Sodiroi can dry out slightly between waterings. This plant prefers medium to high indirect lighting. Direct sunlight is a no go for this plant. The Sodiroi is a tough plant, that recovers well from lack of care. A great plant for a beginner.


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