Philodendron Florida Ghost | 6″ Pot


The Philodendron Florida Ghost can at times be difficult to get your hands on. This plant is sought after for its ghostly white foliage and unique leaf shape. Resembling the Pendatum, the Florida Ghost is a climbing plant with shorter internodes. This is a more manageable than most climbing philodendron. The high light needed to achieve the whiter foliage is the cause of the shorter internodes, thus creating the maganable conditions mentioned earlier. The leaves ‘develope thier green color as the leaf hardens off. The more light the more white, insufficient light leads to darker greener foliage. These are established plants in 6″ pots.

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The Philodendron Florida Ghost is an easy to care for house plant.  This plant has solid colored green leaves if not given proper high light.  Not to worry, this plant grows beautiful white/ivory leaves when given enough light. In time the leave fade down to a minty color.


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