Alocasia Zebrina Reticulata | 6″ Pot

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The Alocasia Zebrina Reticulata was once only seen in rare collections. Thanks to high demand, this plant is much easier to find now. Originally the Zebrina was sought out for the zebra stripped petioles. The Reticulata however, is less about the petiole and all about the leaf itself. Each plant has a unique pattern expression slightly different from the other. The variegation is reminiscent of stained glass in contrast from the deep green viening to the light green background. The Zebrina Reticulata has a tall profile and holds more leaves than your average alocasia.

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The The Alocasia Zebrina Reticulata should never dry out. When an alocasia is tall in profile, water is needed to stiffen the petiole. Without consistent watering this plant will droop. This plant does well in medium to bright indirect light.

8 reviews for Alocasia Zebrina Reticulata | 6" Pot

  1. Francesca Giuliani (verified owner)

  2. Jennifer Pierce (verified owner)

    Amazing plant in person!

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Beautiful plant fast shipping and excellent packaging. I will be ordering again. 😌

  4. Julie E. (verified owner)

    These Alocasia Zebrina were so beautiful and large.

  5. Elizabeth Holsinger (verified owner)

    I will absolutely be ordering from you again! Perfect condition plants, extremely fast delivery, and a truly ideal experience! Thank you!

  6. Elizabeth E. (verified owner)

    Soo excited to receive 3 healthy and beautiful plants. No shipping damage at all.

  7. David Paskman (verified owner)

    What a beautiful and healthy plant. I absolutely love it. Plus a lot larger and mature than it looks in the picture. Not only that but they were so kind to send along a bonus plant: and it was one of my wish list plants. Such a great company: friendly staff, quick shipping, healthy plants.

  8. Gail G. (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful plant! It arrived in very good condition and has since gotten a new leaf. The texture and pattern on the leaves is so incredible I have ordered from this place several times and never have been disappointed. Items come in a timely manner and well packaged

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