Philodendron Serpens | 4″ Pot


The Philodendron Serpens is a climbing/crawling plant. The petioles are very hairy like the Verrucosum. These hairs are meant to entrap potential pests from devouring the leaves. the leaf grows at a 45 degree angle resembling a serpents head, thus the name Serpens. The foliage is slightly glossy and deep green with reddish backsides. The new leaves emerge with a deep pink hue. This plant can grow up a moss pole or across a pot.

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The Philodendron Serpens is a humidity lover. The humidity helps the new leaves emerge without getting trapped in the cataphyll. This plant can not handle any full sun as the foliage is to delicate. This plant can dry out between watering, but is not recommended.


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