Calathea Fasciata | 6″ Pot

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This Calathea is reminiscent of the Orbifolia. The large globe shaped leaves and stripes are different in the color. The colors are deep bronze melting into an emerald green. The patterns and colors have a tortoise shell tones. We are very excited to share this new calathea with our clients!

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This plant thrives in medium to brighter light. Never direct light, the leaves will burn. Excessive light will diminish the colors of the foliage. Water often and don't let the plant dry out completely.

3 reviews for Calathea Fasciata | 6″ Pot

  1. Diane White (verified owner)

  2. Chitra Nileshwar (verified owner)

  3. Alexander G. (verified owner)

    Very very pleased 🙂

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