Alocasia Infernalis ‘Kapit’ | 4″ Pot


The Alocasia Infernalis ‘Kapit’ also known as the ‘Purple Elephant Ear’ is darker member of the ‘Jewel’ family of alocasia. The black foliage is actually a deep burgundy/ purple color. The undersides of each leaf is red/burgundy in color. The leaves have a soft foamy feel, and a glossy monochromatic dark effect. The smaller size and dark color allows this plant to thrive in smaller spaces with lower light.

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The Alocasia Infernalis 'Kapit' is a member of the 'Jewel' family of Alocasia. Jewels can be tougher to care for as the range of watering is narrow. Meaning over and under watering both negatively affect the plant. Well draining soil and regular watering is best. This plant enjoys medium light. Darker plants are dark in color so they can absorb more light in places with insufficient light. Long durations of medium light work best for this plant.


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