Alocasia Hilo Beauty | 6″ Pot

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Alocasia Hilo Beauty has wide, elephant ear leaves that look Camouflaged. Contrasted with deep green leaves, smooth edges, and chartreuse pops of color, this stunner adds the wow factor to any collection. This plant was recently renamed an Alocasia, for-merly a colocasia.

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Alocasia Hilo Beauty likes bright, filtered light and high humidity. Keep the plant evenly moist; if the top of the soil isn’t damp or wet, it’s time to water. Overwatering, wet leaves, and soggy soil allow an alocasia plant to become susceptible to different fungal infec-tions. In the winter, plan to waterless as the plants like to go into a dormant period.

12 reviews for Alocasia Hilo Beauty | 6" Pot

  1. JD K. (verified owner)

    My plants arrived 24 hours after they were shipped. The plants were well packed, and arrived safely without any damage. The plants themselves looked great! I was extremely pleased with Plant Hawaii and I’m looking forward to placing my next order!

  2. Jon K. (verified owner)

  3. Melissa Rotharmel (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful it’s thriving

  4. Mary H. (verified owner)

    So full and beautiful

  5. emmacurtis9799 (verified owner)

    It arrived pretty sad looking, even with 2 day shipping and being packaged impeccably, so I waited a few days to review. After having some time to recoup, it’s thriving, a new leaf is already unfurling! Ive never been so happy with a plant purchase, I will 100% be back for more!!

  6. Vanessa (verified owner)

  7. Laura (verified owner)

    Beautifully packed. Arrived fast. I am thrilled to have him.

  8. Brett (verified owner)

  9. Minister Katie Warren (verified owner)

  10. Katherine (verified owner)

    Such a lovely plant.

  11. Preshous Hartford (verified owner)

  12. preshoushartford (verified owner)

    To be honest, I am speechless. The picture does no justice. Very well packed and bigger than expected. I will definitely purchase from Plant Hawaii again and again and again.

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