Alocasia Chienlii ‘Antoro Velvet’ | 4″ Pot


The Alocasia Chienlii ‘Antoro Velvet’ is a one of a kind Alocasia. The most unique trait being the hairs adorning the foliage front to back. A velvety feeling to the touch is actually ‘peach fuzz’ like hairs covering each leaf. The coloring is very dark and the backsides of the leaves are almost red/merlot in tone. This is a very low profile, small to medium plant when mature. A perfect addition to any Alocasia collection!

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The Alocasia Chienlii 'Antoro Velvet' Is a humidity lover. This smaller alocasia needs consistent watering. Do NOT allow the soil to dry out completely. This will result in rootrot or stunted growth. Light levels influence the resulting coloration of the foliage. well draining soil is great for this plant when watered daily.


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