Tetrasperma “Ginny” Raphiodophora | 6″ Pot

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Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma is also known as ‘Ginny’ or ‘Mini Monstera’. Commonly mistaken as a philodendron, Ginny is sometimes called mini monstera or dwarf monstera because it’s fenestrations similar to Monstera deliciosa, not because they are related. This plant vines very quickly and will desire a grow pole or trellis to grow upwards or in a pretty design, you create with your trellis. Achieve instant tropical vibes with this beauty.

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Ginny likes really bright filtered light and, in some circumstances, will enjoy a little bit of sun hitting the leaves. Protect from cold and keep moist during hot periods, letting it dry down to a barely moist soil condition before watering fully again.

2 reviews for Tetrasperma “Ginny” Raphiodophora | 6″ Pot

  1. Nina H. (verified owner)

    Beautiful healthy plants.

  2. Preshous Hartford (verified owner)

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