Spathiphyllum Kaley | 6″ Pot


Spathiphyllum Kaley is a flowering house plants also known as the Peace Lily. This plant tolerates indoor conditions better than many house plants.The blooms usually appear in early summer and last for weeks. The pale green spathe turns white as it opens and surrounds the protruding spadix that is densely covered by its tiny, true flowers. When flowers start to fade, cut off the flower stalks as close to the base as possible.

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This plant enjoys bright light, but no direct sun. Kaley can also tolerate low light, but may not bloom. Brown, dry marks on leaves are a sign of too much sunlight. Keep the soil evenly moist. Don’t over water to prevent soggy soil, which can cause root rot. Always use room-temperature water to water this plant, cold water is a shock.


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