Rosy Calathea | 6″ Pot

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The Calathea ‘Rosy’ will add a pop of color with its bright magenta hot pink coloration and almost black contrasting margination. Round leaves with a brilliant array of pink flash accents. The showy underside complements the deep burgundy, making the pink magenta pop. The new leaf starts out Pink and green and then the green outer trim turns almost black. The Rosy also comes in a lighter shade of “dusty” pink and a “minty” light green center as well.

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Prefers medium to bright indirect light, high humidity. Shielded from direct sun or breezy window as this decreases the humidity the Calathea needs to survive indoors. Temperature ranges should be between 70-80 degrees F. When repotting, use a media that drains well, and feed every other week following the fertilizer's directions.  Like most Calatheas, clean filtered or distilled water is recommended. Keep the soil media evenly moist. Always check so that the plant is not sitting water. Think water often but less. Pet friendly!

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