pink dragon plant
pink dragon plant
Pink Dragon Alocasia | 6" Pot
Pink Dragon Alocasia | 6" Pot
Pink Dragon Alocasia | 6" Pot

Pink Dragon Alocasia | 6″ Pot

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Alocasia Pink Dragon, with its broad leaves and deep veins looking like a dragon’s scale, the undersides of the leaves being burgundy, and the stems being a beautiful shade of pink, this species is rightfully made as Alocasia Pink Dragon. The plant is not just beautiful, but it is also very straightforward in terms of its care and propagation. Such a unique-looking plant is only so rarely found to be so low-maintenance.

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The Pink Dragon likes bright, filtered light, away from direct sun. The leaves are prone to getting sunburnt and will start to look dull if exposed to the sun. Coming from a tropical environment, these Alocasias like humidity, sit on a tray of pebbles topped up with water to boost the level of moisture in the air.

2 reviews for Pink Dragon Alocasia | 6″ Pot

  1. Paul Weise (verified owner)

    Got some leaf damage from cold(it was brutally cold & arrived at 4:15;didn’t make it home until 5:15) . It’s doing great tho,as new leaves are emerging!

  2. Nancy (verified owner)

    No leaf drop, arrived in perfect shape!

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