Philodendron Subhastatum | 4′ Pot

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The Philodendron Subhastatum enjoys lots of water and medium to brighter light sunlight. Humidity is a factor in growing a larger, healthier specimen


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The Philodendron Subhastatum is a long time favorite of many collectors, however they are difficult to come by.  Falling in and out of fashion, this plant has beautiful bi colored leaves. The front of the leaves are green in color, with red backsides, Only getting redder as the plant ages.

This plant is a climber! The Philodendron Subhastatum is often used for wall decorations or mounted to a moss pole. This plant is a fast grower, so a 4" is not going to stay small for long.

5 reviews for Philodendron Subhastatum | 4' Pot

  1. Paul Nawrocki (verified owner)

    Just gorgeous in colour and symmetrical form. A real beautiful plant and well-priced!! 👍

  2. Brett (verified owner)

  3. Meagan (verified owner)

    Oh my goodness. My Philodendron Subhastatum is absolutely stunning!! Plant Hawaii continues to blow my mind. My Philodendron Subhastatum arrived wonderfully packaged, and in exceptional health revealing the most striking leaves. As always, so grateful to the love and care Plant Hawaii nursery provides their plants. Excited for my next order!

  4. Jeri P. (verified owner)

    Amazing plant in perfect condition

  5. Sue (verified owner)

    Beautiful, healthy Philodendron Subhastatum! Love Plant Hawaii. Always perfectly and quickly shipped with the utmost care. Customer service is above and beyond. My last order arrived with a “gift plant”, for no reason other than kindness! Amazing!

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