Philodendron Erubescens Painted Lady | 5″ Pot


The Philodendron Erubescens Painted Lady showcases mottled yellow, green, white, and pink variegation. The leaf shape is paddle/blade like.with pinkish petioles. This plant can be a fast grower, to cultivate a bushier, fuller plant pruning will be needed. Your plant will arrive smaller in a 5″ pot. This once hard to find plant is now more widely available depending on where you live.

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The Philodendron Painted Lady is easy to care for. This plant is a climber, but occasional pruning can cultivate a more bushy, fuller plant. Well draining soil is best. this plant loves bright light and can do well with some early morning direct light. This short dose of direct sunlight can amplify the coloring of the leaves.


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