Philodendron 69686 | 6″ Pot


This Philodendron 69686 is collected for its unique leaf shape. The leaves are Y shaped. The ears resemble bunny ears and the lower part of the leaf has a long pendulum shape. The leaves can grow 16-26 inches. This plant is notoriously difficult to ship without media, however we sending you a fully rooted specimen. When not removed from soil media, this plant ships like any other. This is a rarer item for our shop, so only three or four will be available per year.

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The Philodendron 69686 is a climbing hemiepiphyte, In time this plant will need support like a moss pole.  This plant likes warm temps (65-85•) Lots of bright indirect light is best for this plant. Humidity levels from 45-65% is good for this plant. A chunky, well draining soil is best for this plant.  In perfect greenhouse conditions this plant is watered daily. However with less heat or light you may water less.


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