Monstera Standleyana Aurea | 4″ Pot

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No direct sunlight, This plant thrives is medium light and warm temps. Keep in well draining soil and don’t let it dry out. This guy is a climber, if not on a pole of growing up a wall this plant will run. Running is nude growth without leaves, this is great for propagation but makes for an unsightly plant.

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The Monstera Standleyana Albo is a climbing variety of monstera found in Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. Once known as the Philodendron Cobra, this plant has oval shaped leaves with speckles of white or even splashes and half moons of white. The larger splashes however are rare and inconsistent. This plant is a very fast grower that needs something to grow on. A wall, a moss pole, or a trellis will work. Without the right setup this plant becomes a runner, trading leaf growth for long leafless nodes to find a new place to thrive. This effect is not beautiful or desireable for displaying, but great for propagation. Tall spaces are great places to grow out this beautiful plant.


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