Monstera Adansonii Round Form Swiss Cheese 6″ Pot

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Monstera Adansonii Round Form Swiss Cheese 6″ Pot
This spectacular cascading house plant, the Monstera Adansonii, Has become a new favorite for the indoor plant lovers. Easy to grow, bright to medium light, keep the soil evenly moist.

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Provide plenty of bright, filtered light. Protect from cold and keep moist during hot periods, letting it dry down to a barely moist soil condition before watering fully again.

The Plant:
You will be receiving 1 live plant in a 6” grow pot as you see in the last pic with the coffee cup. Once you receive your plant, check the moisture level to see if it's ready to be watered. If still wet, let dry out for a few days. If ready, take it to the sink and give it a nice drink. Also, give it a couple of days to recover from its travel before you start up-potting or dividing, etc. Follow the brief care instructions, now Breathe.

Orders are FedEx-ed Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to prevent plants from being stuck over the weekend. By purchasing this item, you are accepting these risks, however, we will do our best to accommodate and resolve any issues.

Plants are prepared and packaged to ensure they arrive safely. Be aware that there is a slight chance of damage including bruised, yellowing of leaves or dropped leaves, etc. during shipping.  The shipping can cause stress to the plant. Your plant will recover with love and care.  All sales are final and we can not accept returns due to ag rules, but we will do our best to work with you. Damaged items by FedEx will be dealt with thru FedEx, your plants are insured. Please contact us if there are any issues with your plant(s) within 48 hours of receipt. Please include photos!

13 reviews for Monstera Adansonii Round Form Swiss Cheese 6" Pot

  1. Julie E. (verified owner)

  2. Sterling (verified owner)

    Beautiful plants. Full, we’ll packaged. From Hawaii to my house in Virginia in 2 days

  3. Millie (verified owner)

    Excellent Condition!!

  4. Liza (verified owner)

    Plant arrived carefully packed and in great condition.

  5. Preshous H. (verified owner)

  6. Andrea (verified owner)

    Great specimen

  7. Nancy (verified owner)

    Beautiful, full leaves and healthy!

  8. Diane White (verified owner)

  9. Ursula Myer (verified owner)

    This plant makes me feel like I’m in Hawaii!

  10. Preshous Hartford (verified owner)

  11. trinity (verified owner)


  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

  13. Andres C. (verified owner)

    Love it nice and full

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