Maranta Beauty Kim | 6″ pot

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Maranta plants in general are known as prayer-plants as they raise and lower their leaves. Most varieties lower their leaves in the morning and raise at night. And the beautiful leaves resemble a scarab in pattern. The leaves display brush stroke patterns with variegation in every leaf. This is Beauty Kim (Leuconeura var. Kerchoveana ‘variegata’), common names: Kim Prayer Plant, and Kerchoveana Variegata.

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Maranta plants likes moisture retaining potting soil with regular watering from spring to summer. It requires good lighting, there-fore, provide bright but filtered sun. Maintain the indoor tempera-ture between 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit

4 reviews for Maranta Beauty Kim | 6″ pot

  1. Shaelin Hashimoto

    Amazing variegation and a really full pot!

  2. Liz (verified owner)

    Shipped extremely fast, the heat packs were still warm when it arrived! Variation was beautiful and there was no crispy edges.

  3. Preshous H. (verified owner)

    Words cannot express my gratitude and the health and beauty of the plants. This is the ONLY place I would highly recommend to purchase plants online.

  4. Preshous H. (verified owner)

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