Ludisia discolor alba
Ludisia discolor alba
Ludisia Discolor “Alba” | 2" Pot
Ludisia Discolor “Alba” | 2" Pot
Ludisia Discolor “Alba” | 2" Pot

Ludisia Discolor “Alba” | 2″ Pot


Ludisia Discolor “Alba” is a Jewel Orchid. This species appreciates typical terrarium conditions in terms of moisture and temperature. This species will typically flower once a year with white flowers on a 10-14″ tall flower stalk. This plant is typically purchased for the foliage instead of the flower though. As you can see from the photos, the foliage is quite striking!

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Orchids prefers lower to bright indirect light. Perfect in the kitchen, bathroom, cause they love the humidity. Water in the sink, let drain, then place back in your favorite pot. A perfect addition to your plant collection.


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