Colocasia Mojito | 6″ Pot

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The Colocasia Mojito is a flashy example of how colorful and fun Colocasias can be. The leaves can express variegation with black half moons, or splashes of lime and black. The black has a purplish undertone that darken as the new leaf ‘develops’. New leaves are light green and fade down to a deeper green as the black also deepens. The petioles are striped like candy canes. The Mojito is a great for the plant person who tends to over water, as these guys like damp soil.

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The Colocasia Mojito like chunky well draining soil, however the well draining effect is unwanted by this plant. So what does this mean? The chunky soil give the roots lots of room to grow, but also creates spaces for pups to grow. This will give you a fuller potted plant. This plant can handle some direct sunlight if early in the day, but indirect bright light is, as usual what we recommend. This plant enjoys warmer weather and 'Dies back' during winter weather, if this occurs don't let the soil completely dry out. As the weather improves your plant will produce new growth.

4 reviews for Colocasia Mojito | 6" Pot

  1. Yvonne

    Just purchased this plant at the Food and New product show today! It’s such a beautiful plant and the owners are also wonderful and knowledgeable too!!!!

  2. Alex M. (verified owner)

    Gotten nothing but compliments left and right with this plant. Super beautiful, healthy, and already thrown out 4 more leaves. This is the first place I will look for any new plants I may be looking for!

  3. Mary H. (verified owner)

    Gorgeous leaves

  4. Vanessa (verified owner)

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