Begonia Amphioxus | 4″ Pot


The Begonia Amphioxus is a darling little plant. Delicate structures like small stems and leaves, to tiny flowers and fine roots make for a perfect accent plant. Use to decorate your workspace, office desk, or a well lite bathroom. Each leaf has polka dots visible from both side of the foliage. To further add details each leaf has a dark green margin that ruffles the edges. The flowers are very light green and also very tiny. Send this cutie as a perfect gift to your favorite plant friend!

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The Begonia Amphioxus is a delicate little plant. Fine roots and small structures mean this plant should NEVER dry out completely between waterings. This plant should be watered regularly. Inconsistent watering will slow and deform new growth and potentially cause root rot. To much light will burn the delicate foliage so medium to brighter light is best. Never direct sunlight. Fertilizer is important for maintaining proper coloring.


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