Anthurium Magnificum x Regale | 6″ Pot


This Anthurium Magnificum x Regale is a collectors dream. Because this plant is a one of a kind hybrid, traits from both parents can be seen. However hybrids don’t always resemble each other as each takes characteristics from parent plants randomly. This plant has gorgeous veining and firm velvety leaves. The new growth is dark red/pink. This plant is very well rooted in a 6″ pot and up potting is not recommended. Grab this one of a kind beauty now!

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The Anthurium Magnificum x Regale needs humidity for optimal leaf growth regarding new leaves. That said to much humidity will cause leaf spot problems, so it's a fine line. Very well draining soil is also crucial for plant health. Direct sunlight will burn the leaves. Medium to bright indirect light is best. Uppotting only when necessary.



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