Alocasia Sulawesi ‘Jacklyn’ | 4″ Pot

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The Alocasia ‘Jacklyn’ is a one of a kind alocasia. Each leaf resembling the other has bumpy and ‘hairy’ features as well as a high contrasting color story. The deep greens are offset by light chartreuse coloring. The foliage os arrow shaped with wavy edges that look ‘unreal’. This plant has a controversial past. Once impossible to find outside of private collections, this plant is now much easier to get your hands on. Add this alocasia to your collection now. Quantities are limited.

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This Alocasia, like most prefer well draining soil. this plant should never dry out. When using well draining media, you can water daily or every other day. This plant can not handle any full sun. Full sun will severely burn the foliage This plant grows larger than other alocasia and will need more fertilizer as the plant matures.

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