Alocasia Nebula | 4″ Pot

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The Alocasia Nebula was once very difficult to find, but is now more widely available today. We are so excited to offer this specimen to our customers! The petioles of this plant are the reasoning for its name, Nebula. Referring to the cosmic looks of the freckles and the cooler tones of coloring. The thick and soft leaves have a bluer, silvery tones.

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A member of the Jewel Alocasia family, Nebulas are more challenging than most. this plant must never be underwatered and never have direct sunlight. This plant enjoys lots of medium light. If using grow lights, turn down the intensity and run the lights for a longer amount of time. well draining soil is a must for this plant as it needs to be watered daily, unless in colder temps. Regarding temperature this plants like warmth and struggles with the cold.

3 reviews for Alocasia Nebula | 4" Pot

  1. amber cole (verified owner)

    Plant Hawaii has the most beautiful alocasias I’ve ever seen!

  2. Loreleigh K. (verified owner)

  3. Leslie Williams (verified owner)

    Repeat customer here! Another perfect plant from this company! My go to nursery

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