Alocasia Macrorrhiza Variegata Albo
Alocasia Macrorrhiza Variegata Albo

Alocasia Macrorrhiza Variegata Albo | 6″ Pot

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Alocasia Macrorrhiza Variegata Albo is rarely offered. Grown and collected for its exotic variegated foliage. Common Names: Variegated Elephant’s Ear. This plant carries anywhere between 3 to 5 leaves at a time. The petioles are also variegated.

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Alocasia prefers medium to high indirect light, high humidity, and appreciates some airflow.  Well-draining media is required. Water regularly.

28 reviews for Alocasia Macrorrhiza Variegata Albo | 6" Pot

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I NEVER due reviews but had to do this one. My plant arrived in superb condition and was the most beautiful I have seen.

  2. Jessica C. (verified owner)

    This plant arrived in PERFECT condition. She is gorgeous!

  3. Michael S. (verified owner)

    Beautiful and healthy plant. Packed with TLC! Looking forward to my next purchase.

  4. Mia M. (verified owner)

    This plant is absolutely beautiful. It arrived with about 6 leaves. As always the plants are packed very well and usually do not require watering for a few days after delivery. Plant Hawaii never disappoints.

  5. Mia M. (verified owner)

    The plant arrived healthy and beautiful. It was well packed as always. I love Plant Hawaii!

  6. Rose Goritz (verified owner)

  7. Charyse Emmons (verified owner)

    Arrived carefully wrapped, healthy, and beautiful. Absolutely love!

  8. Nichele (verified owner)

    When I got my plant the soil was soaked and roots began to rot. The other pots were not as wet as this one.

  9. Pamela M. (verified owner)

    Beautiful plant. 4 leaves arriving with one yellow leaf.

  10. Meagan Brunner (verified owner)

    My alocasia variegated Albo is a truly stunning!!! So elegant looking, with beautiful airy leaves and striking variegation. I can’t take my eyes off of her! Wow. Plant Hawaii ‘s quality control is like none I have experienced. By far the best plant nursery I have tried…and I have tried a lot! So happy with all of my purchases. And wow. Do they ship FAST!

  11. Susan L. (verified owner)

    Always perfect plants from Plant Hawaii! Have ordered several times and am never disappointed! A number of plants ordered have been large and they have been packed with such care that not one leaf has been damaged. Excellent prices, quickly shipped plants and exceptional customer service. Couldn’t be happier!!

  12. Sue (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful plant! Love PlantHawaii. This is my third purchase and each plant I’ve received has been just perfect. Packaging is amazing, the best I’ve seen by any online plant seller…and I’ve ordered my far share of plants online! Thank you for your beautiful plants!

  13. Misty O. (verified owner)

    Shipping was lightning fast and my plant was absolutely perfect! Just like the pictures and it even put out a gorgeous new leaf less than a week after arriving!

  14. Amit (verified owner)

  15. Kristina P. (verified owner)

    This plant is my favorite. (Don’t tell the others.) It arrived packaged very well, and the plant was healthy. I’ve already got a new leaf growing. The variegation is stunning.

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    They have really wonderful customer service It is a beautiful plant but it had root issues and i let them know and they are going to send me a replacement they even told me the best way I can go about reviving the plant that has the problem

  17. Dee Piccio (verified owner)

    I love purchasing my plant from Plant Hawaii! They are the best! Thank you!

  18. Deanie (verified owner)

    Smaller than the picture showed. It’s still a nice plant, just a little disappointing it has so few leaves.

  19. Jane (verified owner)

  20. ERICA (verified owner)

  21. Delfina B. (verified owner)

  22. Ginus C. (verified owner)

  23. Diane S. (verified owner)

    So glad I found you! I have now made two orders and my plants are stunning! Super quick shipping too. Definitely will keep coming back.

  24. Marilyn P. (verified owner)

    The Alocasia Macrorrhiza Variegata Albo 6” Pot arrived on time and in good condition. I gave the plant to my daughter as a gift and she is very happy because it looks exactly as advertised .

  25. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very healthy plant.

  26. Jen (verified owner)

    Arrived very fast. The plant is larger than expected and super healthy with beautiful variegation.

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

  28. Surattikan A. (verified owner)

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