Alocasia Heterophylla ‘Dragon’s Breath’ | 4″ Pot

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The Alocasia Heterophylla ‘Dragon’s Breath’ is a variant of Heterophylla. This variant is similar to its counterpart the ‘Corazon’, Dragon’s Breath has blue/silver tones. The two differ in leaf shape and texture. The sharper edges of this arrow shaped leaf also has tighter venation as well. This small specimen is a lovely addition to any Alocasia collection.

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The Alocasia Heterophylla 'Dragon's Breath' prefers bright to indirect light. A consistent watering schedule will benefit this plant. We suggest not allowing the soil to completely dry out between waterings. A prolific plant births plenty of small 'pup's, this will require fertilizer to sustain the growth.

2 reviews for Alocasia Heterophylla 'Dragon's Breath' | 4" Pot

  1. NRamos (verified owner)

    My plant arrived very healthy and without any damage from shipment. Is thriving in my house and Plants Hawaii sends you care instructions along with each plant. Is very nice that they also label the pots!

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

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