Alocasia Baginda ‘Dragon Scale’ | 6″ Pot

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The Alocasia Baginda ‘Dragon Scale’ is a stunning plant. Once a very hard to find Alocasia, is now available almost anywhere. This plant has thick soft leaves with recessed venation. The color is a deep emerald to bright greens in contrast to the darker veins. This plant stay on the smaller side for an Alocasia, making it perfect accent piece for your plant decor.

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Alocasia Dragon Scales prefer medium to bright indirect light. Too much light will result in a loss of contrast and a lightening of the color overall. This plant doesn't respond well to underwatering. As the roots system develops, more watering will be needed.

2 reviews for Alocasia Baginda 'Dragon Scale' | 6" Pot

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  2. Linda Fowler (verified owner)

    I was very pleased with my purchase. The package came very well packed and my plant was very nice.

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