Albo Monstera
Albo Monstera
Albo Monstera
Albo Monstera
Albo Monstera
Albo Monstera

Albo Monstera

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Monstera Albo Borsigiana has a stunning variegation pattern. Its leaves have patches of green, marbling, and white. Each leaf will be different from the next. You will receive the plant pictured on this auction. Why is this plant Rare or special? There are two main types of variegated Monstera: Albo Borsigiana and Thai Constellation. At first glance, they look similar. Their differences affect care, growth, accessibility, and price. The original mutation that causes variegation for Monstera Albo Borsigiana is naturally occurring. This is important. A standard green M. Borsigiana, began to spontaneously mutate some cells in such a way that those cells did not produce chlorophyll. Those mutated cells reproduce in the Monstera’s node passing to the next node and leaf. This natural mutation exists in only the white cells. Seeds from a Monstera Albo will not produce variegated offspring. A new variegated Monstera Albo can only be reproduced from a cutting from a mother plant. This is why they are so rare. In contrast, the M. Thai Constellation has a different origin. It was created in a lab in Thailand from tissue culture. In this subspecies, the mutation that causes the variegation is present throughout every cell in the plant. This Mutation is stable, and easy to reproduce. Monstera Albos are sold as a cutting from a mother plant. It is rare to find a mature Albo for sale because they take so long to mature, so nurseries sell rooted cuttings. If you do find a mature Albo for sale, it will likely be very expensive. Due to its natural mutation, the Albo Monstera’s variegation pattern is unstable. Albo Monsteras may revert to growing fully green leaves, and they may grow leaves that are entirely white with no chlorophyll. These all-white leaves are beautiful but put an immense strain on the plant and will be the first to die.

The variegation on the leaves of an Albo depends on the mutated cells present in the stem and leaf node. This can vary dramatically even within one plant. Each leaf’s coloration will depend on that of the prior leaf. Paying attention to your Albo’s growth and variegation, you will be able to predict how much white and green will be on the next leaf. Too much white or too much green in new growth on your Monstera Albo will need to be cut back to maintain a sustainable balance between beauty and photosynthesis.

Monstera Albos do not like direct sunlight. The white leaves burn and crisp up first, and the green sections will yellow. Medium to bright indirect light is best.  Allow the soil to dry out between waterings. Don’t overwater, as this will cause root rot.

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